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When buying new windows, should you install them yourself or get a professional installation team to help you out? It really depends on your skill level and how much experience you have. While a DIY window installation can save you some money, a poor installation can cost you a whole lot more than the initial […]

The “smart home” is everywhere we look; from in-home assistants by Amazon, Apple and Google; to smart thermostats from Nest, connected light bulbs from Phillips, and almost every appliance can include a touch screen. I mean, how else would we know how fresh the milk is if our smart fridge didn’t tell us! With all […]

One of the biggest debates you’ll find in any home owner’s forum is the debate between casement and double hung windows. Which window looks better? Which one is more energy efficient? Which one will last longer? The truth is that both windows have some great features, but we’re never one to shy away from a […]

How to Fix a Window Scratch

June 30th, 2021

At Euroclad Windows and Doors, we build beautiful products that we hope will look great forever, but we know there are times when a window scratch may not be avoidable. If you have a tree branch brushing against the window, or a dog that enjoys your company so much it keeps jumping up on the […]

We hate to say it, but winter is just around the corner. All the leaves are off the trees and Ski hills are getting ready to open. At Euroclad Windows and Doors, we know just about everything there is to know about windows, and that includes how difficult they are to keep clean over winter. […]

Being a custom door and window manufacturer means Euroclad can pretty much design any door you can dream up. Whether you’re looking for a metal door, fiberglass door, or a full wooden door, we can build it all. A big part of your custom door build is the hardware you choose to attach to the […]

Euroclad Windows and Doors works with a lot of home builders to install our products in their client’s future home. If you can name a home builder in the Okanagan region, chances are we’ve installed windows in one of their construction projects. The truth about home construction is that very few homeowners build their own […]

Euroclad Windows and Doors will help you build a custom entryway using the latest technology, and one of the options is a highly efficient Fiberglass Door. When you’re looking to choose a new front door, you may want the look of wood, or the durability of steel, and fiberglass can often be the best of […]

At Euroclad Windows and Doors, we’re a custom window and door manufacturer, and we often get asked what the difference is between a standard door, and a custom door. Generally speaking, a standard door is a mass produced, off-the-shelf solution. A standard door is very generic, and unless your house is completely generic in door […]

There are a number of reasons a door or window may not open and close properly, and the best way to properly fix a door or window that’s sticking is to know what’s causing the issue. There’s almost no reason why a door or window will stick that can’t be fixed. Be very careful about […]