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With summer in full swing, you may be tired of your patio doors, want a larger opening, or just want a better view. If you’re thinking about it, you’re probably wondering what should you expect to pay for new patio doors? Oh boy – this is a big one. We’ll just get this out of […]

It could be that the neighbourhood kids were playing baseball, perhaps you were moving some heavy furniture, or maybe a big storm put an object in your window that shouldn’t be there – either way, you now have a broken window! The repair will vary depending on the age of your window, but we’re going […]

At Euroclad Windows and Doors we talk a lot about improving your entryway with a big beautiful front door focal point. What we don’t often talk about is one of the many reasons you have a door on your home in the first place: security. Undeniably an exterior door on your home has many benefits; […]

Euroclad is a custom window and door manufacturer, and we get a lot of questions about wood and vinyl windows. Do wood or vinyl windows last longer? Which one will match the look of the house better? And most often, which one offers the best price or value? Euroclad has supplied windows for almost every […]

If you’ve been door shopping, or if you’re considering it, you probably know there are a variety of options available to you. Most people will focus on the type of door, like a wood, metal or fiberglass material. Others will concern themselves with choosing the right transoms and sidelights. Many people don’t consider whether they […]

Euroclad is a custom window and door manufacturer, and we talk a lot about exterior products on our website, but the truth is you spend most of your time looking at our interior products. When you think about it, you may only have a few exterior doors but you could have a dozen or more […]

When looking for the perfect window and door replacement for your home, you’ll probably be looking at local window and door companies in Kelowna. Once you find these companies, what should you be looking for? What makes a good replacement? Fear not! Whether you choose Euroclad Windows and Doors or another quality manufacturer, we want […]

Buying a brand new set of custom windows is a great feeling. Once you have them all installed, you may think they’re a little naked without some window coverings. Or perhaps you didn’t get new windows, but you’d like to freshen up the ones you have. Window coverings not only help you control the amount […]

New windows, especially well-built and great looking windows, are going to cost a few dollars to buy and install. We’ve covered the topic in various ways before, including in our article How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost. We’ve also explored how energy efficient windows can affect the price, and the different type of window cladding […]

There’s nothing more annoying than a door that just doesn’t close properly. Usually the trouble will lead to doors getting slammed, locks not working properly, or damage to the locking mechanism trying to force things to work. The good news is that the door itself is rarely the problem. Most of the issues are hardware […]