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Buying Windows and Doors from a Big Box Store: Part Two

Last week we explored the basic ideas behind selection, pricing and value in Buying Windows and Doors from a Big Box Store: Part One. Have a read to catch up of you haven’t read that article already.

There are many differences between shopping at a big box store and Euroclad Windows and Doors. This week, we’re going to explore more differences and find out when it does make sense to buy from a big box store.

2949A5E4-A796-4481-A215-8D22E8137899Custom vs. Standard Windows and Doors

Custom builds are almost certainly going to fit your home better than an off-the-shelf solution. Just like the mushy middle of mediocre choices we mentioned last week, all doors and windows from big box stores are going to be a standard size. If you venture outside the standard, a chain store likely isn’t for you.

Of course you can make a door fit with the right amount of framing, cutting, shaving, and shimming, but it will never look as good as a custom product. There’s also the hassle of matching siding, paint and trim on a job that may no longer have the same materials available. The best part about being a custom window and door manufacturer is that we can literally bring your dreams to life.

Hammers, Lawn Furniture, Lights, Plumbing Pipes, Oh – and Windows and Doors

There is tremendous value in working with those that know exactly what you’re looking for and what you’re looking to accomplish. We don’t sell lawn furniture, and quite frankly, we don’t know much about it. What we do know is windows and doors. We know all about insulation value, energy star ratings, climate zones, transoms and sidelights, flashing, and more. If you ask our team, they’ll tell you they know it better than anyone!

A chain store has some great employees, but they just don’t have the resources or time to train them on all the ins and outs of doors and windows because they have so many other things to focus on: like selling lawnmowers. We only do windows and doors, so we spend 100% of our training time and budget on making sure our staff knows everything about them.

Can you imagine going through all the trouble of buying windows for your home and during that first summer your air conditioner uses twice the energy because an employee misunderstood one thing about low-e coatings?!?!

45B98B47-9792-4511-B198-C4C0BB5E4902One Single Quality Product

If you only need one door or window, and it’s a standard size, and you’ve done your own research, you can get a product that will do the job at a big box store. The products for sale at a chain store aren’t bad, we just happen to know our products are better.

If your project is small, easy, and DIY friendly, you’ll probably be alright with major chain. If you’re looking for something more original, custom, a larger order, or just need a little more info, you’ll probably want a custom manufacturer.

To see the difference a custom window and door manufacturer can make, and the value they’ll add to the product, drop in to our showroom and have a look around.