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Can You Repair A Fiberglass Door?

Euroclad Windows and Doors will help you build a custom entryway using the latest technology, and one of the options is a highly efficient Fiberglass Door. When you’re looking to choose a new front door, you may want the look of wood, or the durability of steel, and fiberglass can often be the best of alternative that meets your requirements.

Of course, fiberglass isn’t the only low maintenance option. We’ve compared fiberglass and metal doors previously, so if you’re still on the fence, you may want to check that article out.

If you love the idea of fiberglass, but you’re one of the many people that are wondering if you can repair it, the answer is a little more complicated than you think. The short answer is that anything can be repaired, but how well it’s repaired depends on how important things like cost and whether it looks like new again will matter to you.

drillHow to Repair a Fiberglass Door

Depending on the issue you’re facing, there are many easy front door repairs that you can do yourself. When it comes to fiberglass, the solution will really depend on what the issues is. Are you looking to repair a few scratches? Or is there a gaping hole in your door? Is your door painted, or does it have a wood texture? These issues can have significantly different solutions and results.

Repairing fiberglass can be a complicated process that involves sanding fine fiberglass particles, working with epoxy resin, and laying new sheets of fiberglass. So depending on the type of repair, you may be better off replacing the door.

For smaller issues like scratches and cracks, you’re much more likely to be able to repair the issue, but depending on the severity, you may or may not notice the repair. Again, a professional is going to be able to to do a much better job as working with fiberglass is much more complicated than working with other materials.

Repairing Scratches and Cracks in a Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass doors are extremely durable, and it takes quite a bit of effort to damage one. However, scratches and cracks can occur under the right circumstances. Depending on where the scratch is, the fix could be quite easy.

Based on how fiberglass doors are built, the fiberglass strands that give the door strength are also what makes them hard to repair.

Boats are a great example of how you can repair fiberglass, and not notice a repair was ever made. Of course, this is mostly because the fiberglass repair is covered in primer, paint and a gel coat. With your fiberglass door, you may just have a wood textured door where sanding it smooth will destroy the look of the door, and make repair much more difficult.

If you have a smooth, painted fiberglass door, you may be in luck. Sanding or grinding down the surface to the affected area, applying epoxy resin, and re-sanding and re-painting is all it would take. It’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint can hide repairs.

lynden_denmanLarge Fiberglass Door Repairs

If you have a hole in your door, the repair is a lot more complicated. Especially if you have a textured door. Most of the time repair isn’t possible without obvious signs a repair was made.

If you do have a smooth painted fiberglass door, or the area where the hole is located is smooth, you may be able to get away with a similar method to dealing with cracks and scratches. The major difference would be laying in new fiberglass sheets, which can be an adventure all on its own.

If the repair is major, most of the time you’re going to be better off getting a new door, but if you’re curious if your fiberglass door can be repaired, drop by our showroom to talk with our experts. So can a fiberglass door be repaired? Maybe, but it’s not usually a simple DIY process.