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Can you Replace Sliding Patio Doors With Something Different?

When it comes time to update your sliding patio doors, you may be wondering if you can do something just a little bit different, or if you’re stuck with simply replacing sliding doors. While sliding doors are the most popular type of patio door, this is mostly due to their price and availability, as they usually aren’t the best door you can get for your patio.

Patio life is a big deal in the the Okanagan, and if you’ve lived with a sliding patio door, you know all too well the shortcomings with that type of door. If you don’t, that’s probably just because you don’t know about the great alternatives that exist.

ialicante-mediterranean-homes-475777-unsplashWhat’s Wrong With Sliding Patio Doors?

To be honest, nothing really. We sell a lot of them, and they’re a quality product that will last a really long time. Sliding patio doors aren’t a product that is inferior or substandard in any way, it’s just one of several different options for your patio.

However, there are some possible shortcomings with a sliding patio door that you won’t find with the alternatives that are available. The first issue is that most sliding patio doors are a two-window/door system, where one large window will slide open and closed, while the other is in a fixed position. The fixed position means that you can usually only open the door half way, and that is one reason homeowners are often looking for an alternative.

When you have a large opening to your patio, and only half of the door opens, it can be restrictive for flowing in-between the indoor and outdoor area. This really restricts your ability to have a truly seamless indoor/outdoor space where one area flows naturally into the other.

What Are The Alternatives?

We’ve written extensively about patio door options in the past here, so you should read that article for some more in-depth reading on each option.

Glass Wall System

The holy grail of patio life is a glass wall system that opens your indoor space up to your outdoor space in a way that is completely seamless. We offer several glass wall systems, for various types of homes and patios.

French Doors

Another great option is replacing that old sliding door with some french doors. Not only do french doors offer the ability to open up the entire door space, they usually look amazing too.

stephan-bechert-484081-unsplashIs it Easy to Replace a Sliding Patio Door?

The short answer is maybe. The long answer is that it really depends on the current opening you have, and what you’re looking to fill that opening with.

For example, if you have a large sliding patio door now, and you’re looking to change it out two french doors that are essentially the same size, the work would be extremely minimal. Basically you’d need some new door frames and flashing and you’re all set.

However, if you have a small sliding patio door, and you want to open up a whole wall for a large glass wall system, you’ll likely need to do some structural work.

It’s really hard to say without taking a look first, so you you may want to visit our showroom and talk to our experts to find out which patio door solution will work for you!