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DIY Friday: Fall Wreath Ideas

Most people associate front door wreaths with Christmas – but who’s to say you can only jazz up your front door 1 season of the year? Front doors are meant to be spiced up! From the front door itself, to the matched hardware, to the decorations you add around it – all is important to the overall image your front entry way presents when a guest walks up.  We understand that a brand-new entry door may not be within your budget, so here’s an easy and inexpensive way to spice things up a bit.

          Flower FieldWreath In Progress 3Wreath In ProgressWreath In Progress 2

  1. Start with the basics: you need a ring & twine – both are easily purchased from most dollar and retail stores OR if you have a Christmas wreath you can re-decorate, re-use it!
    • PRO TIP: The size of the wreath you use should be in reference to your front door, if you have a small door make sure the ring isn’t too large & if you have a giant front door, a tiny wreath may look silly!
  2. Pick your décor: Live or Fake? – Focus on your favourite plants that are within the fall colour scheme (Deep purple, mauve, orange, taupe and green!). If you prefer live plants, first check your garden, use the plants that are still in bloom or hit up your local market for a bouquet you can use. If you prefer fake, dollar stores have a large selection!
    • PRO TIP: To keep live wreaths fresh longer, mist them with a spray bottle and keep them cool (no direct sun).
  3. Decorate your wreath: Get creative! At this point, you can wing it. Decorate the entire circle, or just a section; add lots of green with minimal flowers, or the opposite; add a string of lights to your wreath to light it up, make a small welcome sign that can be attached; make it spooky for Halloween. The possibilities are truly endless.
    • PRO TIP: If you’re stumped, use Google or Pinterest search for inspiration.

After all that, if you think your door still needs some more love – maybe it’s time for a replacement door slab or potentially an entirely new door system (frame included)?  Whatever you prefer and whatever your budget, we are here to help make you fall in love with your door again!

       Door Without WreathWreathDoor with Wreath