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DIY Window & Door Activities for Kids

If you’re currently stuck at home and need a fun activity for the kids we are here to help!  We found some super fun crafts and activities that utilize your windows and doors.  The great thing about windows is that they are large, easy to clean and have lots of natural back light. All those things combined makes them a perfect art canvas. If you have toddlers at home, we suggest using a patio door so they can sit on the ground.  Before you get started, it’s best to clean your windows.  Having clean windows will help all the lovely projects stand out and allow the tape to stick if it’s required. It’s time to get the kids involved and get crafty.

All these projects have minimal supplies required, so hopefully you don’t have to leave your home for supplies! Enjoy our list, but also remember if you are missing supplies for any, there are lots of variations that can be done.

Art Projectspaint

There are loads of miscellaneous art project ideas that can be applied directly to your windows. Here’s a few basic ones:

  1. Window Painting – it’s simple, paint on your windows! We suggest doing this on the outside of your glass. When the project is complete, spray it with a hose and voila a blank canvas.
  2. Mess Free Painting – if you prefer the mess free art version, simply gather a ziplock bag, fill it with some paint and tape it to the window. This gives you a mess free canvas to play with. It’s like finger painting, without getting paint on your fingers.
  3. Contact Paper Art – Another mess free option! Let your kids get create with contact paper and tissue paper on your windows. The end result is a colourful masterpiece!

SuncatchersSun catcher

The most popular window craft seems to be suncatchers! There are so many ways to make suncatchers.  They can be basic or super elaborate. They can be displayed on any glass surface, including windows, patios and doors.  If you pick a window that receives lots of sunlight, your suncatcher will project the most beautiful colours into your home.  Here’s a few links if you need guidance:

  1. Spring Suncatchers – Go for a hike and gather natural supplies to add in for extra beauty.
  2. Watercolour Suncatcher Butterflies – Turn them into fun shapes, butterflies, hearts, rainbows.
  3. Stained Glass Art Suncatchers – Stained glass is beautiful way to do this, you do need some specific supplies though.

Educational Activities

Green house window

These projects turn your windows into dry erase learning boards and bring school home with them in a fun way.  These suggestions work best if you have a patio door or windows that your children can easily reach.

  1. Missing Number Window Game & Alphabet Window Game – Work on spelling, matching and learning to count! Use dry erase pens and foam numbers and letters.
  2. DIY Sensory Window Bags – Sensory bags are easy to make and require a range of household items. Once you’ve created your sensory bags, simply tape them to your windows and let the playing begin!
  3. Greenhouse in a bag – A fun science project at home, all you need is a ziplock, dirt and a seed. Tape your mini green house in the window and watch your seeds sprout.

We hope you and your kids enjoy some of these activities. Or at the very least, they keep them busy for a while so the adults can relax.  A giant shout out to the bloggers who put all these projects together.