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Do Dormer Windows Leak More Than Other Windows?

Dormer windows are quite popular in many homes. Dormers can be used to add some living space to your attic floor, but sometimes they’re used to just dress up the exterior of the home. When they’re simply added for visuals but they don’t actually add space, they’re called “false dormers”. Even if they’re just for looks, they’re usually just as complicated to install as real dormers.

No matter what type of dormer you have, or which type you are thinking of installing, you may have head that dormer windows have a tendency to leak more than other windows in your home. There is some truth to this, but it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

antonio-caverzan-724402-unsplashDormer Leaks Usually Aren’t With The Window

The first thing to note is that with most dormers, the leak isn’t happening with the actual window itself. The windows used in a dormer are not constructed any differently than the windows used anywhere else on your home. If your other exterior windows aren’t leaking, there’s no reason your dormer window should.

Quite often any leaks are within the dormer construction itself. Dormers are built to sit on top of the roof, and in the case of real dormers, there’s a space cut out in the roof where they’ll slot in to provide the extra space. Fake dormers may or may not have space cut out to sit on the roof, but the problems that can occur are the same.

Where the dormer structure meets the roof, there’s an interruption of the shingles and the flow of water off the roof. If leaks occur, it’s usually where the flashing on the dormer will meet the roof. Improper flashing, or a roof that’s worn out, will often leak at these seams.

Are Dormer Windows More Prone To Leaking

The short answer is no, the windows themselves are not more prone to leaking.

As mentioned, the windows are usually not the culprit, but it’s easy to see why you may think they are. Dormers stick out off the roof, and the windows usually take up most of the space on the front of the dormer, so the window is an easy conclusion to make. Although this window may be less protected by the elements due to the exposed nature of the dormer, the windows are usually no less protected than a regular window.

Your house likely has an overhang on most of the roof, and your dormer should too. Beyond the size the dormer, the install of the windows should be identical on a dormer, and the rest of your house. That means proper house-wrap, flashing, insulation, and everything else involved in installing a window properly.

fancycrave-219666-unsplashWhat To Do If Your Dormer Leaks

If your dormer window is leaking, it would be the same type of repair as any other window leak you would be experiencing. If the dormer itself is leaking, that’s more of a roofing repair than a window repair. You’ll want to speak to a roofing expert in order to stop any current leaks and prevent any future ones.

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