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Top Exterior Door Manufacturers for 2018

All doors are not created equal. You probably know you generally get what you pay for, but what you may not be aware of is that the top exterior door manufacturers are putting together some really solid products at prices that will work for any budget.

At Euroclad, we build custom doors and windows, and what makes our work so great is that we only use quality materials that we stand behind. From the wood we choose to the patented framing we build, quality matters. For exterior doors, the quality starts with the door slab you choose.

There’s a lot that goes into building a custom exterior door (just have look at all the options we offer) but the door slab is where it all begins. The door slab is the main focal point, so you’ll want to ensure it’s a quality product.

You can browse a large selection of door slabs on our site from a variety of quality manufacturers, but the following list are who we think the top 5 Exterior Door Manufacturers are for 2018, and what makes them so great.

Exterior Door Manufacturers

Top Exterior Door Manufacturers

Euroclad Windows and Doors

We’re a little biased here, but after a quarter century in business, we’ve learned a thing or two about doors that we think we do better than anyone. You’d be hard pressed to find anything that outperforms our custom wood and steel door slabs.

That said, we always make sure our clients are getting a high-quality custom product, which is why we also use top exterior door manufacturers that provide fiberglass slabs, and other amazing quality products to enhance our offerings. We partner with the below manufacturers offer some unbeatable products.


Trimlite has a solid history of creating high-quality door slabs. They first started in 1983 just down the road in Vancouver and now provide doors everywhere in North America. Technology has changed a lot since they first started, and they’re one of the leaders in fiberglass doors.

We love working with their slabs when we’re building a custom door. The Plastpro line is built to last with proprietary Hydroshield technology, which means these reinforced exterior doors will hold up to anything.

Richersons Doors

Richersons is another Canadian company with a long history that can be traced all the way back to the 50’s. This company has its roots in plastics, which is why you’ll find their PVC panels some of the best in the business.

They’ll be the first ones to tell you that their designer arch doors are the result of 25 years of R&D, but we’ll be the first to tell you that our customers love the custom doors we put together with them.


The VistaGrande product line from Masonite offers some of our favourite door designs. With a modern look that bring together style with the latest technology, it’s hard to go wrong with these doors.

With operations in 12 countries, Masonite is a global leader.

Alliance Door Products

If you’re looking for a door that resembles wood, but offers the modern features of manufactured products, the Thermatru lineup from Alliance is where you’ll want to start. With both fiberglass and steel options, it’s easy to see what makes them a top exterior door manufacturer.

Simpson Door Company

Last, but certainly not least, there’s nothing quite like a wood door. No one does wood better than the Simpson Door Company. With over a century of experience, they’ve perfected the wood door. It all started in 1912 in the forests of Washington State, and the quality has increased every year since.

Simpson is also focused on the environment, building their products using only renewable resources. Did we mention how beautiful the doors are? Just another reason why they’re one of the top exterior door manufactures.

Check out our wide selection of doors, including offerings from all of our partners listed here, and we know we can build a beautiful and long lasting exterior door for you!