Stay Up to Date on Windows and Doors

Fall Maintenance of Windows and Doors

Now that we’ve hit the end of August, fall is just a few weeks away. As much as it pains us to point this out, winter won’t be far behind. With the change in seasons, also comes a change in weather. There’s no better time to get to work on making sure your windows and doors are in top shape.

Once the heat of the summer dies down, working around the house won’t be so exhausting. It’s actually nice to get outside and door some chores, and you may even like it. Ok, maybe we won’t go that far, but it’ll certainly be better than in the heat of summer.

So what types of maintenance should you be doing in the fall?

jeshoots-com-__ZMnefoI3k-unsplashLast Chance for Cleaning Windows and Doors

Once winter rolls around, it’s really hard to clean windows and doors. Mostly because snowfall and frigid temperatures not only make it unpleasant, but using water can actually damage things. Once it gets below zero, any water you use on your windows and doors can get into crevices and freeze. Once the water expands into ice, it can start to cause problems.

If you’re looking to clean things one last time before you settle in for the winter, fall is the time to tackle it. While you’re outside cleaning up your yard, raking leaves and squeezing the last bit of nice weather out, give those windows and doors one final spray and wipe down.

Check Your Weather Stripping and Seals

Winter can be unpredictable in the Okanagan and bring, rain, snow, or both on the same day. Before winter sets in, and snow starts to cover sashes and sills, inspect the seals and around windows and doors.

If you notice your caulking is starting to fail, or that weather stripping on the door isn’t quite doing its job, replacing it before winter can not only save you a few headaches, but also save you a few dollars on energy.

Inspect Your Trim

When checking your seals, it’s also the perfect time to make sure there are no gaps in the your trim that have developed from a shifting house. Over time, your house will move slightly, and this can lead to all sorts gaps and holes that didn’t exist before.

Most of the time a piece of loose trim just needs to be tightened up. If you don’t, and the gap is large enough, not only will weather damage your home, but critters may take advantage of the opportunity to keep warm.

rhondak-native-florida-folk-artist-_Yc7OtfFn-0-unsplashPainting and Sealing

Lastly, you’ll want to get any annual painting or sealing that’s required complete. The summer heat can be harsh, and those UV rays can really wear down your paint and stain protection. If your trim and cladding are in good shape, but the paint is starting to peel, you may want to get another coat or two on before winter arrives, especially if your working with wood.

We don’t need to tell you that wood and moisture don’t do well together, and peeling or cracked paint provides the perfect opening for water to find a home. Repainting not only repairs this damage, but you get a fresh look on your home just in time for the holiday party season.

Maintenance is key no matter what type of window or door you’ve got on your home. If you’re windows and doors are worn out, we even have great low maintenance options that can cut down on your annual chores. Drop by our showroom to find out more!