Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours / Options Are Available?

It really depends on the product you're choosing. Your best bet is to contact us and we can let you know the various options. Here are a few rough guides though:

Window Style Guide

Door Style Guide

How much will custom windows / doors cost?

It's really hard to determine your cost without a consultation. Every home and window and door system has unique challenges.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us.

Is there a warranty on your products?

Of course. You can read more about it here.

How do I install windows / doors?

If you're installing our custom products yourself, here are a few guides to help you out.

Installation Instructions - Exterior Doors
Installation & Maintenance – Interior Doors
Care & Maintenance – Vinyl Windows

10 Installation tips for EUROCLAD & Wood Exterior / Entry Door Systems

1. Check that the rough opening is plumb , level and square.

2. With the bottom of the door opening level apply a bead of caulking on the outside edge.

3. Place door and frame on top of caulking in rough opening , plumb hinge side making sure the sill stays level . [ at this time EUROCLAD frames nail through nailing fin in two places top and bottom but do not nail the nails all the way in/wood frames nail through the exterior brick mould in two places top and bottom but do not nail all the way in ]

4. Shim behind all three hinges and four places behind strike jamb.

5. When the door is closed you should have the following clearances –hinge side 1/16” top 1/8” and on the strike side 1/8” .

6. Check door at this time to see how it is fitting against the weather strip on the strike side.

7. Screw through face of hinges [ 3 ] using the screws supplied and using the blank hole in the screw face.

8. Screw through face of lock side jamb at the shim locations making sure to go through the shim and into the framing stud. Set the screw below the surface.

9. Complete the exterior nailing of Euroclad flange or wood brickmould.

10. Door units with side lites will need to be shimmed as above along with shimming on the side lite sides where the sill and the header meet the jamb, this will enable the frame to be moved as needed to set the clearances.

Double door units: one or both of the hinge sides may need to be moved top or bottom to set the door against the astragal weather strip.