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Here’s What Makes Our Doors The Best

We’re a custom window and door manufacturer – and it’s the custom part that makes our products truly unique. With our custom work, we’re able to offer patented maintenance free aluminum frame system that you won’t find anywhere else.

Aluminum Frame System

This unique framing system means we’re able to produce superior quality exterior/entry door frame systems including a dynamic folding wall system, with a Patented maintenance free aluminum frame system. Every home is unique so each frame system is designed with the builder and homeowner in mind, so we can make sure our products are enhancing any entry/exterior door of your choice.

Not only is the product maintenance free, our system ensures your final product keeps your door secure and in place while achieving the maximum air tightness for maximum energy efficiency and comfort within your home.

Here’s the components that make it all work:

  1. Patented extruded frame design.
  2. Nailing flange extruded as part of the brickmould makes for easy and secure installation.
  3. Continuous perimeter jamb and brickmould with patented T-bar extrusion allows custom glass and door installations.
  4. True divided light mullian for custom heritage design.
  5. Clip together brickmould to patented jamb allows positive sealed assembly.
  6. All assembled frames come complete with a vinyl-protective coating that is left on during construction and peeled off before or after occupancy.
  7. High performance foam used to seal against internal air movement.
  8. Exclusive patented design allows for multiple options on wood thermal break ~ paint grade, clear pine, clear fir, oak, mahogany, and knotty alder etc.
  9. Silicon at sill not required ~ back sealant used.
  10. Multiple colour options to suite customer colour palette.


Wood Door Frame

It’s not just our aluminum frames that are customized. The Euroclad wood door frame is designed to offer more flexibility in choice of wood jambs allowing for a more customized finished product.

The Euroclad door frame is customized to meet specialized jamb requirements, and offers a high performance vinyl top sill and felt pile door sweep. This means we can make it work in any projects you have, with any door you like.