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How Much Should You Budget For New Windows?

New windows, especially well-built and great looking windows, are going to cost a few dollars to buy and install. We’ve covered the topic in various ways before, including in our article How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost. We’ve also explored how energy efficient windows can affect the price, and the different type of window cladding available.

Today we’re going to put it all together for you and talk about budgeting. Specifically, how much should you expect to pay and when should you expect to pay it when it comes to buying and installing new windows.

An important factor in budgeting for windows is looking at how long your windows should last. Generally, the more money you spend on windows the longer they can be expected to last. When budgeting for windows simply looking at the upfront cost will only give you part of the picture.

pina-messina-465028-unsplashCheap vs. Expensive Windows

There is a large difference between the cheapest windows you can buy and buying a high quality custom made window. Simple vinyl windows will offer you the best bang for your buck in terms low-maintenance and lifespan, but it’s also exactly how your windows will look; simple.

You can customize vinyl and cladding to add design variations, colours, and sizing; but each adjustment will raise the cost. When you’re looking at budgeting for windows, it’s good to have a list of what are “must haves” and what are “nice to haves”.

Custom wood windows will last darn near forever when build properly, but they’re also the most expensive option. However, if you look at the lifespan of a cheap window vs a quality wooden window, you may end up replacing cheap windows 3 or 4 times over your entire time in the home, versus one time for high-quality wooden windows that may outlast the home itself. Quite often wooden windows aren’t replaced because they’re no longer functional today, but because they’re more than half a century old and energy efficiency wasn’t a consideration when they were installed.

IMG_1645Installation Costs

The window itself is just one part of the price. The second is the cost to have the windows installed. If you’re thinking about taking this yourself, you should check out our article on DIY window installation. Yes, you’ll save money with a DIY install, but you really need to know what you’re doing or it could cost you a lot more if you make a mistake.

Installation costs can typically double the cost of replacing your windows, but this really depends on how complicated the process is. If you’re just popping out old windows, and there’s not surprise rot or mold, your costs will be minimal.

If you’re adding a new window, changing the size or style of your current windows, or there are major changes that need to be made to the structure or flashing, up goes the cost.

When budgeting for new windows, you’ll want to consider how much change you want, and what that change will cost.

If you’re curious about what your budget would need to look like for your project, give us a call or swing by our showroom to speak with our experts.