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Keeping Windows Clean Over Winter

November 14th, 2018

We hate to say it, but winter is just around the corner. All the leaves are off the trees and Ski hills are getting ready to open. At Euroclad Windows and Doors, we know just about everything there is to know about windows, and that includes how difficult they are to keep clean over winter. […]

Being a custom door and window manufacturer means Euroclad can pretty much design any door you can dream up. Whether you’re looking for a metal door, fiberglass door, or a full wooden door, we can build it all. A big part of your custom door build is the hardware you choose to attach to the […]

Euroclad Windows and Doors works with a lot of home builders to install our products in their client’s future home. If you can name a home builder in the Okanagan region, chances are we’ve installed windows in one of their construction projects. The truth about home construction is that very few homeowners build their own […]

Euroclad Windows and Doors will help you build a custom entryway using the latest technology, and one of the options is a highly efficient Fiberglass Door. When you’re looking to choose a new front door, you may want the look of wood, or the durability of steel, and fiberglass can often be the best of […]

At Euroclad Windows and Doors, we’re a custom window and door manufacturer, and we often get asked what the difference is between a standard door, and a custom door. Generally speaking, a standard door is a mass produced, off-the-shelf solution. A standard door is very generic, and unless your house is completely generic in door […]

There are a number of reasons a door or window may not open and close properly, and the best way to properly fix a door or window that’s sticking is to know what’s causing the issue. There’s almost no reason why a door or window will stick that can’t be fixed. Be very careful about […]

At Euroclad Windows and Doors we’re proud to work with local home builders to provide them with a quality product that will last for decades. We often ask our customers what we can do to serve them better, as we know we can always continually improve our products and experience. Okanagan Glacier Homes, one of […]

When building a new home, it’s extremely easy to add a window to your home, even once construction has started. But what if your home is already complete, or even a decade or two old? How hard is it to add a new window to a current home? The good news is that adding a […]

When shopping for windows, some of the materials and terminology can be a little confusing. For example: what’s the difference between a vinyl window and a wood window with vinyl cladding? Is one better than other? What about cost? We’ll answer a few of those questions here. The first thing to understand is exactly what […]

When looking to protect your business and employees, hollow metal fire-rated doors can often be the difference between a small inconvenience, and one that gets out of hand quickly. Not only are these doors extremely practical, in most cases they’re actually required. We’ve discussed how complicated and wide-ranging various building codes are previously, so we […]

Hydraulic Server Windows are an easy way to create a large open space without removing an entire wall. These windows are perfect for residential and commercial applications where you need a large area to open easily and beautifully. At Euroclad Windows and Doors we’re happy to offer many different solutions to our clients so they […]

The best part about Euroclad being a custom window and door manufacturer, is that we see a lot of different homes and businesses that require all kinds of solutions. Sometimes the solution is just one that is designed to add beauty, other times is absolutely necessary to function as required. Oversized swing doors fit into […]

At Euroclad, we’re proud to offer some of the most beautiful custom windows and doors for our residential clients. Our reputation has long been built on providing a quality product that looks great and performs even better. If you’re curious about our work, check out our Facebook page for some of the latest custom products […]

Whether you’re renovating your current home, or building a brand new one, having a usable indoor-outdoor space can add plenty of real value to your home. A glass wall system, like our Overture Glass Wall System and our Villenew Glass Wall System, can really open up a whole new living area, and is highly desirable […]

Many people are surprised to find out that a house must have a certain number of windows. Some of your window will have size requirements, and your home won’t pass a building inspection without them! You cannot legally build a home without windows, and really, why would you want to? In this article, we’re not […]

Server-Folding Window This beautiful server-folding window is custom built in our production facility at Euroclad Windows & Doors in Kelowna. Euroclad is proud to offer many custom variations; including (but not limited to!) the types of glass, the hardware, the frame, the number of folding panels and even the wood used to build the panels. Not […]

We’ve discussed fiberglass doors on our blog before, specifically when comparing them to metal doors. In that article, we compared the construction of a fiberglass door to that of a boat hull, which demonstrates the strength you get from these doors. However, there’s a lot more that goes into these doors, and we’re going to […]

Wood Door Maintenance Tips

July 23rd, 2018

You’ve probably heard that wood doors require a little more maintenance than fiberglass or metal doors. We’ve even mentioned it in several articles, including How To Choose a New Front Door. So why do people buy wood doors when there are lower maintenance options? Well, their beauty just can’t be matched. Some people will tell […]

One of the questions we get asked all the time is “how long will my new windows last?” This question is no surprise because installing a new set of windows is an investment in your home, and you want to make sure it’s going to pay off. You don’t want to be re-installing new windows […]

It’s easy to think about your front door or entry way as just the door. In reality, most front doors we install today are so much more. The area around and and above the door are often used to enhance not only the exterior look, but the interior look as well. Transoms and sidelights are […]

If you’re considering building a new home, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the steps involved to take you from buying a completely vacant lot up to the day you move in. One of the questions we often receive is “When should I start looking for doors and windows? Should I have plans […]

Whether you purchase new windows, or are just looking to ensure you get the most out of your current ones, proper maintenance is vital to longevity. Even with low-maintenance windows, the set-it-and-forget-it method is still not recommended, as you’ll see below. (Read our article about how to tell when it’s time to replace your windows.) […]

Entry doors have come a long way over the last few decades, and the number of door choices can be a little overwhelming. As a custom window and door manufacturer, a variety of choice is a great thing, but we also want to help you understand what door is right for you. For many home […]

Energy efficient windows are more important than ever. Not only to help save your pocket book from rising energy costs, but using less energy is just great for the planet in general. As climate scientists predict hotter summers and cooler winters over the coming decades, energy saving windows can make a big difference and help […]

Your front door is usually the main entry point to your home, which means it can take a lot of abuse. Constant opening and closing, sometimes with your foot or that box your holding, can take a toll over time. Luckily most doors from quality door manufacturers (like us!) are built to last a really […]

Patio doors have come a long way from the simple sliding doors of the 1960’s. Today’s patio doors can be a more modern version of those sliding doors with better insulation and UV protection, to full glass wall systems that bring indoor-outdoor living to a whole new level. If you’re shopping for a new patio […]

Choosing a new front door should be an enjoyable process. There’s nothing quite like updating the look of your home with a new entry door. Plus, think about all the energy you’ll save! When looking for a new front door, there’s a few things you’ll want to consider. Not all front doors are created equal, […]

You’ve probably heard a lot about the energy savings of new windows and doors over the years, and how much money it can save you, especially if you were a homeowner during late 1990’s early 2000’s. Most of this is due to the creation of the Energy Star program in the United States back in […]

There’s nothing more attractive than a set of french doors that open onto a beautiful vista, but are french doors right for you? Choosing to install french doors is one choice you shouldn’t rush into. You want to make sure that the type of door you choose is going to work best for your home […]

Even though high quality windows and doors can last you more than 20 years, wndows and doors are eventually going to need replacement. In the Okanagan, we’re lucky enough to have a climate that doesn’t face too many extremes. Other than the sun, we don’t face a lot of severe weather, which helps our windows […]

All doors are not created equal. You probably know you generally get what you pay for, but what you may not be aware of is that the top exterior door manufacturers are putting together some really solid products at prices that will work for any budget. At Euroclad, we build custom doors and windows, and […]

After last week’s article about how much replacement windows cost, we’ve received a few questions asking what factors will affect your exterior door cost. If you read our article on windows, you may have already guessed that the cost of an exterior door can vary wildly depending on a variety of options. Before looking at […]

When it comes time to replace your windows, one of the first things you’ll probably want to know is how much do replacement windows cost? Well, unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question. There are so many variables, one those being the wide selection of windows Euroclad offers. We’d love to give you an […]

  Server-Awning Window This beautiful server-awing window is custom built in our production facility at Euroclad Windows & Doors in Kelowna. Euroclad is proud to offer many custom variations; including (but not limited to!) the types of glass, the hardware, the frame and even the wood. Not only are the window variations endless, but the install […]

We’re a custom window and door manufacturer – and it’s the custom part that makes our products truly unique. With our custom work, we’re able to offer patented maintenance free aluminum frame system that you won’t find anywhere else. Aluminum Frame System This unique framing system means we’re able to produce superior quality exterior/entry door frame systems including a […]

Euroclad Folding Wall System The dynamic Euroclad Folding Wall system allows you to easily bring the outdoors in effortlessly combining your living spaces.  The Euroclad Folding Wall is custom designed to meet each design need, contact our Sales Representative to create your own vision.       

Housing starts building momentum – Kelowna News – Housing starts building momentum by Contributed – Story: 73732 Apr 11, 2012 / 9:11 am Housing starts were up in Kelowna for March compared to the same month last year. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) reports 44 Kelowna area housing starts for March compared to […]

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NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release 2011ENER0010-000348 April 6, 2011 Ministry of Energy and Mines and Minister Responsible for Housing Increased home efficiency rebates help families save VICTORIA – In partnership with BC Hydro and FortisBC, the Province of British Columbia is extending and improving its popular LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program, where homeowners can receive […]

Westbank & District Chamber of Commerce – Key Business Awards Key Business Awards Finalists SUPPORT AND HELPS TO CELEBRATE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF OUR BUSINESS COMMUNITY !! Lake Okanagan Resort, West Kelowna, March 5, 2011 And the Finalists are….. Business Beautification – Bylands Garden CentreMetallic GardensMission Hill Family Estate WineryRCMP Building Community Social Development – CIBCBonfire […]

Real Estate forecast by Contributed – Story: 60362 Feb 25, 2011 / 5:00 am Real Estate forecast for 2011 revised upward Sales expected to rebound in 2012 – prices continue to rise. There are good things on the horizon for the Canadian real estate market. At least, so say the latest industry forecasts, which […]

Housing market trending upward in 2011 – Kelowna News – by Castanet Staff – Story: 58249Nov 15, 2010 / 5:30 pm Kelowna area housing starts and sales of existing homes are forecast to move higher in 2011, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) Fall 2010 Kelowna Housing Market Outlook Report. “Demand for […]

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August 11th, 2010

We are pleased to announce our new realtor referral program for the Okanagan! What is it? Simple – we are a local Window & Door manufacturer and dealer ~ we want to promote local, local, local. We offer energy star products and best in service to our clients. We now want to invite YOU, Realtors […]