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Homes come in every shape, size and design. Finding a glass style for your front door, that compliments your home is important. Doorlites are where solid metals, textured and beveled glass come together to create true works of art. Everyone is different and so are our decorative door glass designs. Let Euroclad help you create an entrance that will be the focal point of your home and a true reflection of your taste and style.

It should be noted that the bubbles, lines, slight surface imperfections or discolourations are characteristics of all hand crafted glass. They are not considered defects.

Euroclad Doors have infinite possibilities and styles. Check out a few ways you can customize your project.

Series Features

  • Handcrafted, our decorative glass panels stay true to their stained glass roots.
  • Our selection of premium art glass and bevels, which makes our designs come to life, are hand cut and fitted. Careful consideration is given to choosing textures, complementing elements are crucial to a design’s given appeal.
  • Using solid metals, where all of the joints are soldered by hand, ensures the panels will be strong enough to withstand daily use.
  • Once assembled, the panel undergoes a thorough cleaning and inspection process. This attention to detail is our assurance of quality to yo

Technical Specifications

  • Warm-Edge Benefits: Superior silicone foam insulation, low thermal conductivity
  • Silicone Foam Features: Excellent UV resistance and extreme temperature performance
  • Dual-Seal Performance: Chamfered corners for increased sealant depth
  • Tempered Safety Glass for your piece of mind • Low E* with Argon Gas for your comfort