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Masonite Steel

Masonite® Steel doors feature high-definition decorative panel profiles that closely replicate the appearance of a high-end wood door with the ultimate in security. They truly make a statement with the addition of Masonite’s glass inserts for a grand entrance. Masonite HD Steel doors combine high level security and pleasing aesthetic at an economical price point.

Euroclad Doors have infinite possibilities and styles. Check out a few ways you can customize your project.

Series Features

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
Creates a robust layer of protection against corrosion and rust that is almost 10 times thicker than electro-galvanizing.

Baked on Primer
Less susceptible to scratches which can lead to corrosion.

Polyurethane Core
Better insulation: The R-Value of polyurethane on average is 7.0-7.5 per inch and that of polystyrene between 3.5-4 per inch (approximately 300 degrees and polyurethane at closer to 800). Better Performance: Polyurethane foam expands to fill every void and acts as an adhesive which prevents denting, warping, twisting and bending and increases security.

Punch and Extrude Knockout Panels & Lock Bores
Steel that has been punched without any further preparation has sharp, ragged edges that are prone to cracks. Extrusion tucks the sharp edges under toward what will be the inside of the completed door reducing risk of injury.

High-Definition Panel Profiles
It is the effect of the light hitting the different elevations of the pattern that creates shadow lines and gives our eyes the impression of depth and detail. The higher the definition, the closer the resemblance to a wood door. Masonite’s HD steel doors have the deepest and widest profiles in the market.

Technical Specifications

  • High definition Steel door panel with Energy Saving insulated inner core
  • Energy Saving insulated inner core
  • Primed and ready to Paint
  • 79 x 1.75 x 31.75
  • Interlocking Design Attaches Stiles to Steel “J” Bend/90o Steel Bends