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Wood Frame PH Tech Patio Door System

Doors are sturdy and square, thanks to  superior-quality white pine wood clad  with maintenance-free, durable PVC.

Our doors are designed to ensure the operating sashes slide quietly, smoothly and effortlessly, year after year. Patented tandem wheels in ultra-durable nylon leave no marks on the rail and provide smoothness of operation. 100% aluminum raised rail protects the wheels from damage or jamming caused by dirt and debris. Our doors withstood 119,000 test cycles without failure, carrying a 165 lb. sash—the equivalent of over 30 years of constant use!

Speak with the experts at Euroclad today to find out how we can put this innovative system to work for you.


Series Features

  • Ultra-rigid wood clad frame, 5 3/8″or 7 1/4″
  • Multichamber PVC sash
  • Multiple weatherstripping to eliminate air infiltration
  • Steel reinforcements in the most heavily used parts
  • 1-point mortise lock
  • Hidden sash stoppers, for aesthetic appeal
  • Design that allows for 1″-thick double or triple glazing
  • Profiles designed to significantly reduce the risk of condensation

Technical Specifications

This door can be custom made for many different openings. Contact us for up-to-date specifications for your project.