Rebates & Energy Efficiency

Know Your Zone

Canada is divided into three climate zones (1, 2, and 3). Zone 3 is the warmest and 1 is the coldest. Consumers should know their climate zone and ask for products that are certified for it. The climate zone for which a window, door or skylight is certified ENERGY STAR will be shown on a label on the product and in sales literature.

Many windows, doors and skylights are certified for more than one zone. You may save even more on energy costs by buying a product certified for a colder zone than where you live.

If you live at a significantly higher elevation than the surrounding area, look for a product rated for a zone at least one level colder. This applies especially to areas in southern and central British Columbia where energy efficiency levels are based on major urban centres located in valleys.


Efficiency & Sustainability

Euroclad’s research and development team is always looking for more environmentally friendly methods of working with our raw materials to lesson the impact on our environment. We have stringent processes to minimize waste of all our materials believing in recycling at multiple levels.

  • Door cutouts recycled to local shed manufacturer
  • Cardboard and paper products are recycled weekly
  • Aluminum is recycled through scrap facility for re-use monthly

Euroclad also only offers ENERGY STAR® qualified products to ensure our customers use products that will protect the environment. Euroclad promotes BC government subsidies such as LiveSmart BC that offers many energy saving strategies to also protect our environment and save each home owner on energy costs.

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