Stay Up to Date on Windows and Doors

Spring Cleaning for Windows and Doors

The days are getting longer, and after a long winter the snow is melting – which means spring cleaning is on the way! Spring is a very important time for your windows and doors, and what you do in spring can add years of life to them.

Whether it’s the cold weather, the snow, or the shorter days, we just don’t spend as much time outside in the winter. We spend a lot less time walking around the exterior our homes doing yard work, and playing, which means we don’t spend much time on the exterior side of windows and doors. When you’re not looking at them every day, it’s hard to tell if there are any issues, and spring is a perfect time to make those inspections.

stephanie-harvey-433863-unsplashWinter Damage to Windows and Doors

The first thing you’ll want to do when the weather warms up is to inspect your windows and doors for any damage. The big things you’re looking for hear are any physical issues that may have developed.

With the change in temperature, your home will expand and contract, and all that pressure can lead to damage to windows, doors, frames, siding and trim work. Some of it may be minor, like a loose piece of trim, or a major crack in the exterior that lets water in. Having quick look now can save you a lot of trouble in the rainy season.

Caulk and Seals

The next area you’ll want to inspect are the caulk and seals around your windows and doors. This may not always appear as damage, but can lead to large headaches if water gets in, and larger energy costs if air is passing through.

If your caulk is hard and cracking, it’s time to replace it. Inspect caulking every year, and expect to replace it every five years or so.

Around your door you’ll want to inspect any door seals to ensure they are intact and not torn or missing anywhere. These seals are instrumental for energy efficiency, and will help keep the water where it should be: outside.

natalia-figueredo-350529-unsplashSmooth Operation

Spring may be the first time you’ve had a chance to open certain doors and windows in several months, and now is the time to make sure they’re working properly. You’ll want to ensure all your hardware is in good working condition, and that no screws have come loose.

You’ll also want to check to your hinges to make sure they’re oiled, and that your window isn’t rubbing against the frame more than it should be. Most homes are made of wood, which means they will move slightly each year, which can cause your doors and windows to slightly shift. Any squeaking, or resistance in your door or window operation are obvious signs some adjustments need to be made.

Spring Cleaning

Finally, it’s time to make your windows and doors beautiful again! Once the street sweepers have come through your neighbourhood, that’s the sign it’s time to wash the exterior of your home. If you have painted windows or doors, you may want to consider another coat of protective paint, but most years a good cleaning is all that’s needed.

If your windows are vinyl, and your door is fibreglass, there’s very little work you’ll need to do beyond cleaning them.

As always, check with your manufacturer for any spring maintenance tips, and if you’re not sure, drop by our showroom and we’ll give you a few tips to keep your home looking great for a long time!