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The Perfect Window and Door Replacement

When looking for the perfect window and door replacement for your home, you’ll probably be looking at local window and door companies in Kelowna. Once you find these companies, what should you be looking for? What makes a good replacement?

Fear not! Whether you choose Euroclad Windows and Doors or another quality manufacturer, we want to make sure you’re well taken care of. Here are a few questions to ask when hunting for your next window or door replacement.

danielle-dolson-322889-unsplashWhat are Your Options for Window and Door Replacement?

Probably the most important question when it comes to window and door replacement. You’ll want to know what options you can realistically use, and whether or not that option fits into your budget. We all love custom wooden windows, but sometimes a quality vinyl window can be just as good at a lesser price.

It’s important to consider new ideas and options you might not have thought about, but don’t get talked out of what you want because they don’t sell it. As a custom window and door manufacturer, we’ll offer you the best options available, and if we can’t do something, we’ll let you know. Luckily, there’s very little we can’t do.

What Type of Warranty can you Expect?

Replacement windows and doors can be a large expense, and you don’t want that money to be wasted if there’s an issue. Even the best window manufacture can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that all their products will be defect free.

Our products go through an extremely thorough quality assurance check before delivery, and while it’s extremely rare, if a product doesn’t perform as promised we will stand behind our products and make it right.

What’s important is that the manufacturer provide a robust warranty – not just on delivery, but well into the future. We know our products will perform, so we offer industry leading warranties on windows and doors.

galaxy-vision-studio-1061957-unsplashWhat is the Timeline?

It can be really frustrating to order replacement windows and doors only to have the delivery date pushed back multiple times. Make sure that the manufacturer of your chosen product can deliver on time.

Find out what happens if they miss the delivery date. If there is an issue with the date, how soon will they let you know? What does past performance look like?

You need to know when your windows will be ready, and you need a company that will deliver on those promises. Ask the hard questions up front, so you don’t have any delays when it’s time to get your new doors and windows.

What type of Maintenance is required for the Window or Door?

Every product is a little bit different depending on the material used, and the protective work the manufacturer does. It’s important to ask what, if any, maintenance is required on the various items so there are no surprises once you become a homeowner.

Will you get a Written Quote?

Lastly, find out if you’ll get a quote in writing. We all long for the days where a hearty handshake meant the deal was done, but the last thing you need is a surprise item or two when you take delivery.

Make sure the manufacturer outlines all the costs involved, included delivery and storage if applicable. Sometimes when you’re ordering your product, colours, or coatings can be changed, and you’ll want to be clear about any extra costs when switching these elements.

If you have any questions, visit our showroom and reach out to our team of experts and we’ll walk you through the process, no matter which manufacturer you choose!