Stay Up to Date on Windows and Doors

The Proper Way to Clean your Windows and Doors

Spring has sprung! The flowers are starting to bloom, buds are forming on trees and birds have started singing. These small wonders of life should be taken in with all they are worth! The mornings are still cold, so we understand wanting to enjoy the outdoors from the indoors through your windows. When it warms up midday, you should be able to easily open and close your windows and doors. We’re here to tell you how to enjoy life through your windows and doors. A hint: spring cleaning!

Cleaning or Maintenance?


We’re talking about the yearly maintenance to upkeep your windows and doors. Cleaning your product is a huge part of the yearly recommended maintenance, so why not do them at the same time? The cleaning/maintenance instructions may vary slightly depending on the types of windows and doors in your home. We are going to keep this general so that it can be applied to as many homes as possible. If you’re looking for more detail, please feel free to contact us!

Maintaining your Vinyl Windows and Patios

The most important step to maintaining your sliding patios and windows is to clean the tracks. First, start with a vacuum, remove all dirt, rocks and large debris. This is especially important if it’s a new patio, as the construction process can leave lots of sawdust, drywall debris and dirt behind. Then use a washcloth with soap and warm water to wipe out the tracks. Any debris in the tracks will get caught up in the wheels and can cause them to stop turning, impacting the operation of your patio door. Second, clean your glass with standard window cleaner such as Windex. Wipe off any vinyl components with soap and water. Finally, lubricate the tracks with glide coat or silicone spray for smooth operation!

Maintaining Wood Products

The upkeep of your wood products is vital to its life expectancy. The primary concern is the finish. The finish applied to your wood product will protect it from weathering, lock out moisture and ensure the wood interior stays safe. To do this, check the finish; if the stain and clear coat are starting to change colour or the top coat has any hairline cracks, scaling, or flaking this is a sign your wood products require maintenance. The maintenance is simple, either touch up or re-finish your products.

Maintaining your Fiberglass Products

We saved the best for last. Fiberglass products require virtually no maintenance. They areIMG_0997 built to last! If the paint is starting to chip or flake, you can touch it up, but this is a cosmetic fix. Fiberglass doors are the best choice for busy homeowners who aren’t looking to do any maintenance!

The maintenance and upkeep for all our products is very simple, but it’s vitally important to your windows and doors. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last and the better they will function during their life span. Keep them clean and keep them sealed – and the rest should take care of itself!