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Understanding Window and Door Warranties

When purchasing new windows and doors, the products will often come with some type of warranty. Warranties can be very confusing about what they cover, and what they don’t. It would be amazing if there was a simple, easy to understand warranty that covered everything, but it most cases it’s a little more complicated.

Even though warranties may not be simple and straight forward, they are very useful, as long as you know what type of warranty you’re getting. For example, you may think a “lifetime” warranty applies to the whole window and install, and you’ll never need to worry about windows ever again! The truth is that lifetime warranties usually only apply to parts of the window, which is why it’s important to understand your warranty.

charles-1189310-unsplashProduct vs. Installation Warranty

The first area most consumers get confused is that windows and doors will often have two main warranty areas: the install, and the product itself. The installation warranty would cover some of the things that are part of the installation like flashing, securing the window, and improper installation.

The product warranty would cover defects with the product, like vinyl issues, window seals, latch hardware, etc. The warranty usually only covers defects, and not damage that occurs due to new home settling, or weather stress cracks if the temperature is outside the recommended values for the window.

Window and Door Warranties Show You Who Stands Behind Their Products

Most of the time, the higher quality window and door you’re buying, the better the warranty is. It’s pretty obvious why: if it’s a cheap product, it’s likely to break sooner. If it’s a quality product, the company knows it will last a long time, and won’t have to do much, if any, warranty work.

If your product or install doesn’t come with a warranty, or the warranty doesn’t cover much, you really need to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. We’ve written about installing window and door products yourself in the past, and doing so may void your warranty – and certainly won’t come with an installation warranty.

maddi-bazzocco-1178337-unsplashThe Lifetime Warranty Game

Many products will use the term “lifetime warranty”, and even put a big shiny sticker on the package to advertise it. However, you’ll want to read the fine print. Most of the time the lifetime warranty will only apply to part of the window, like the vinyl for example.

Stating you have a lifetime warranty on your window or door isn’t a bad thing, you’ll just want to double check and find out which parts are covered with it, and which parts have a more limited warranty.

Quality products tend to cover more parts of the window or door, and they tend to do so for longer periods. Quality construction tends to cost more, so you’ll usually find the higher-end products have better warranties.

If you have any questions about warranties on our products, drop in and speak with experts in our showroom and we can help you understand what you’ll be getting with the quality products from Euroclad windows and doors!