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Vinyl or Wood: Top Window Construction Compared

Euroclad is a custom window and door manufacturer, and we get a lot of questions about wood and vinyl windows. Do wood or vinyl windows last longer? Which one will match the look of the house better? And most often, which one offers the best price or value?

Euroclad has supplied windows for almost every type of home, and we’ve answered thousands of questions about what will work well for homeowners. Wooden windows can be intimidating if you’re used to low-maintenance vinyl, and if you’re switching to vinyl windows from wood you may be concerned about the look of your home.

The truth is, both vinyl and wood windows have come a long way (read window maintenance myths), and the differences aren’t as big as they once were. Both types of windows offer some great advantages, and we’ll go over them here.

jack-ward-OBDFRTTr20k-unsplashVinyl Windows

The original low-cost and low-maintenance window option, vinyl windows are still a favourite of homeowners today.

Window Style

Vinyl windows will fit any style of home. No matter what era or construction type your home is, these days you can find a vinyl window to match it. With new manufacturing techniques and advances in vinyl technology, you may be surprised at the quality look you’ll get from vinyl.

Window Material

Vinyl is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain making it an easy choice for long lasting windows that are low maintenance.

Expected Lifespan

You can expect vinyl windows to last between 20 and 40 years depending on the quality of window you’re buying.

Maintenance Requirements

The beauty of vinyl windows is that they’re practically maintenance free. You’ll want to check your seals and trim each year, but beyond that, a simple wipe down and they’re as good as new.

danielle-dolson-yeN9XfiUafY-unsplashWood Windows

Wooden windows offer a classic look that’s almost as old as time itself. Homeowners will often consider wood windows the gold standard of windows, because you just can’t match their look and feel.

Window Style

Wooden windows will fit most styles of home quite easily. However, more modern homes will often go with a more modern material, such as vinyl.

Window Material

Wood is long lasting, versatile, and renewable. However, wooden windows do require more maintenance than other types of windows. One major benefit of wooden windows is your ability to re-finish, paint and renew your windows as they start to show their age.

Expected Lifespan

Wooden windows can last centuries if properly cared for. Many of the oldest buildings in Canada feature the original wooden windows that they were built with. You can easily expect properly maintained wooden windows to last over 30 years.

Maintenance Requirements

Wooden windows do require more maintenance than other materials. Although there have been remarkable improvements in this area, you will need to pay a little extra care and attention to your windows.

If you think vinyl windows may not be for you, or that wooden windows are beyond your reach, contact us for a free quote or stop by our showroom and speak with our team to find out which one will work best for you!