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We’re Not Fooling With Our Commitment To Quality!

Happy April Fools!

Our Commitment To You Is No Joke

The Euroclad Team is devoted to giving you the best possible experience when buying your windows and doors. All of our departments work together and are vital to our operations. From the sales associates ensuring that you get the custom product of your dreams, to our hard working production team making sure everything that leaves our facility is of the highest standards, to our diligent administrative crew working behind the scenes to guarantee everything runs like a well oiled machine. We have your back!

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Sales Team

The faces of Euroclad! The first faces you’ll see as you walk into our showroom are the window and door experts, our sales team. They are here to help with all your window and door needs. Their experience shines through ensuring you get the custom designed product of your dreams, even if you didn’t know it was your dream when you started! They will be your partner throughout the entire process and your first contact for any questions.


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Production Team

Custom products means a custom trained production team both in our window and door departments! Our crew of apprentices, joiners and painters are knowledgeable and always ready to learn what it takes to get the job done. They are the ones who look after the building and assembly of our products. Our highly qualified crew handles everything from drilling door handles to building our custom E-Series windows!  Of course, we can’t forget our service crew, install technicians and receivers.

FUN FACT: Euroclad is currently the proud sponsor of two joinery apprentices and has sponsored many others throughout the years!

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Administrative Team

The backbone of Euroclad! Our Administrative Team handles all of the background processes within the facility.  They order custom products, schedule deliveries and services, and even run our social media. You will seldom see this crew, but they are always around to help not only customers, but our sales associates and production team with any questions they might have.

Our 4-legged office assistants of course offer endless support!

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