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What does Custom mean to Euroclad?

Custom projects have various meanings depending where you are looking.  To the Euroclad Team, custom means options, options, options! Our ingenuity allows us to plan out and design your dream projects, and our qualified team of craftsmen have the talent and resources to bring them to life!  There are a few levels of custom we think of and wanted to give you an overview of what we can do.

Standard Product Offerings


There are many standard items that can be made custom like vinyl windows, doors, and hardware. Each of these are themselves not custom, but when you look deeper at each one you can personalize each part to make the project as a whole something unique. Our window and door solution specialists are here to help customize your projects. When it comes to windows, you can choose a custom colour coat finish, or select a certain layout and size to give it your own flare. You can customize door systems by selecting a unique door slab, then adding specialty sidelights or transom glass, and specialty hardware.  The important thing to remember is that although the items aren’t custom, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine parts.  Thus, turning any standard product into a unique, custom item for your home!

Custom Product Offerings


The next step up from our standard product lines is our custom product offerings.  These items are unique to Euroclad. They are designed from our baseline, and each one is customized to your needs to ensure they are entirely custom! We are talking about unique items that started as Pinterest inspiration, and have become a reality.  You won’t find these items in your average house or off the shelf at any ordinary store. They are sure to be a showstopper pieces if you decide to add them! Our custom product offerings are the Euroclad Server-Awning window, Server-Folding window and Oversized Doors.  All these pieces are built to suit you, entirely customizable, and incredibly unique. They all surpass building codes standard and are all available for trial in our showroom.

New Designs


Our final stage of custom projects is the most fun in our opinion.  Its pretty simple – bring in any window or door idea, whether it’s a drawing or a picture from Pinterest and let us help you make them come to life!  There are a few stages to this process.  First, bring your ideas to one of our windows and door solutions specialist.  They will work directly with you on your ideas and take down all the details.  Next, they bring your ideas to our technical department, where they work together to bring these ideas to life.  Once you’ve approved the final sketches, your ideas move from the drawing board to the factory where they come to life!  Our team of qualified tradesmen and apprentices work through the details to build your ideas.

Custom projects are the heart and soul of Euroclad.  We pride ourselves on being a one stop custom window and door shop.  We have every piece of the puzzle to bring your dream projects to life.  Bring us your ideas, electronically, over the phone or in person, and we will be sure to help you every step of the way!