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When Should You Consider Oversized Swing Doors for your Home or Business?

The best part about Euroclad being a custom window and door manufacturer, is that we see a lot of different homes and businesses that require all kinds of solutions. Sometimes the solution is just one that is designed to add beauty, other times is absolutely necessary to function as required. Oversized swing doors fit into both of these categories.

When looking for something unique to add to your home, an oversized swing door can deliver that visual focal point that becomes a highlight of your home. Our oversized doors aren’t just solid masses, they can be built with windows to take full advantage of the Okanagan sun.

Commercial operations will love them too. Showrooms and public spaces are the heart of business, but they also need to be functional for the business. This can mean large objects need to manoeuvre in and out of these spaces, but you don’t want a large ugly door to take away from the space you’re creating.

Our oversized doors allow commercial space to function as required, without sacrificing the beauty and uniqueness of your public space.

What is an Oversized Swing Door?

There’s not too much that’s not explained in the title. A swing door is a traditional hinged door that swings open like a regular front door. It swings, and it’s larger, or oversized, compared to your regular door.

The name isn’t just being cheeky though. Traditionally, if you needed a oversized door, your options were limited to a garage style or barn style door. This is why it’s important to note these oversized doors are swing doors.

The style of door isn’t just a large sheet of metal, as we’ve come along way since the industrial age! Now your door can come in a narrow style for maximum glass, a complete solid panel, or any mix in between including half glass and three-quarter glass.

How Big is “Oversized”?

Generally it’s larger than your average front door – much larger in fact. Our oversized swing doors can get up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet tall. For comparison, a standard residential front door is usually around 3 feet wide and approximately 6 to 7 feet tall.

As you can see, the oversized dimensions allow you to get a much larger opening, without the need to install the overhead hardware required for a large garage door.

Oversized Doors are Built to Last

Large doors don’t just use a standard hinge. We build our oversized swing doors with multi-point hardware that’s built to last.

We also provide options for a metal frame or a wood frame depending on the style you’re looking for, and they’ll all come with our patented metal clad jambs.

Don’t just take our word for it, swing by our showroom and we can go over all the options that would work well for you!